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95 Responses to “TMF User”

  1. timon.hop says:

    i want i need i love progressive

  2. Dejvid says:

    I sent you a mail in which I’m asking about benefits of premium membership but I didn’t receive any response so I’ll ask here again. What exactly can I do with one month VIP membership? Can I download and ask for any possible digital release I want, I mean, will you download it for me within “contract”?

  3. Huemul D Nasillo says:

    Dear TMF

    I want to ask if you have FTP or a faster way to download your content.


  4. mushie55 says:

    hi guys,could you please upload roots manuva – bleeds deluxe edition
    many thanks in advance

  5. Regnix says:

    hi there
    could you put and other link ( Night Talk – Dark Matter ) please / not working. thanks

  6. pinkod says:

    hi, is this the forum where I can write album requests? If yes, could you upload this in 320 kbps mp3 quality? Because unfortunately, it’s on m4a 256 kbps everywhere in the net I can find…

  7. Alex Fireman says:

    will upload today.

  8. Regnix says:

    could you reupload this . Night Talk – Dark Matter

  9. aram says:

    can You create my account ? I Pay You and im waitin 20 hours for pass..

  10. Regnix says:

    could you upload this track {Arjuna Schiks – Mirage [Sonic Future Remix]

  11. Regnix says:

    Hi guys,could you please upload ( Nine Thousand
    BP, Steve Slight )

  12. Bob says:

    Hello Alex,

    can you reupload ‘Hannes Smith – Kraft’


  13. dnasillo says:

    please upload Maceo Plex – Traktion!!!!
    we have to got this tune <3

    thank you!!

  14. SMC709 says:

    GENERAL LUDD-Homesick #5 ?

    PLEASE :)

  15. SMC709 says:

    Thanks Alex
    Tony ALLEN/AFRICA 70-Hustler: Disco Afro Reedit Series Vol 1
    Ewan Jansen-Dispersion EP
    Garth Be-Law of Fives (anything by Garth Be)

    Will the Untitled Gear be available or is permanently exclusive?

  16. idemodelije says:

    can you reupload oliver deutschmann – dazed and confuzed, thanks!

  17. idemodelije says:

    will you get: “GENESA009V from Anthro” the album? would be great!

    • Scylla911 says:

      Thank you soooo much for reup the suara’s ones

      Could you please take the time to reup “SCI+TEC” and “Terminal-m” releases ?

      Thank you !

  18. idemodelije says:

    “Sterac – Klockworks 12” could you please reup? thanks

  19. Flux says:

    Awesome man! Any chance you can upload HZN103 Serum – Black Metal EP? D&b! :)

  20. paul says:

    Hi, thank you so much for sharing, could you please upload this?

    Pellegrino ‎– Periplo

  21. idemodelije says:

    “Green Velvet & Patrick Topping – Voicemail” can you reupload please?

  22. SMC says:

    Hi Alex

    Devin Dare-Wanna Dance EP please?


  23. idemodelije says:

    Thanks for reuploading “Voicemail”! Can you also reupload “Sterac – Klockworks 12” please?

  24. Regnix says:

    HI Hlex Can you reupload

  25. Regnix says:

    HI Hlex Can you reupload (Definition, Def:Play – Falling EP )

  26. Regnix says:

    Hi Alex Can you upload ( Andre Rizo album 2017 )

  27. Gabriel says:

    Genix, Sunny Lax – Arrival (Extended Mix) pls ! ^^

  28. Regnix says:

    Hi alex
    andre Rizo please

  29. 70p53cr37 says:

    I would greatly appreciate if you could re-uplad

  30. James says:

    Please could you reup all Lutetia Dubz releases especially Von D – Positive energy and Subtle Minds – untitled / eazy. Thanks so much in advance!

  31. Thapelop says:

    Hi Alex

    I want to sign up for premium account, but I’ve realized that most of the content on Themfire is digital releases on The deep house tracks I’m most interested in are mostly released as vinyl’s on

    Can you help with vinyl content from

  32. panos says:

    you can upload it Wyro – ALTITUDE

  33. Gabriel says:

    Hi the team !

    ATHOMsound – Revold (Original Mix) [Nanostate Music] please !!!!! ^^

  34. lou blaq says:

    VA – Good Times [Caballero Recordings]
    Please and Thanks

  35. Azariii says:

    Dubshape – The Cabinet [ADID008]

    Label: All Day I Dream
    Artists: Dubshape
    Title: The Cabinet
    Cat No: ADID008

    TMF team please upload this release.Much Love xxx

  36. Regnix says:

    Hi Alex
    reupload { DAVI & Definition – Désolé } please thx

  37. michaelng says:

    Brick Talks EP
    Mulya, Sobek
    have this ?

  38. dtran1904 says:

    Would you mind uploading Bushido by Ki-Ri?

    Thank you

  39. Gnarkillz says:

    Point of origin, Vol 2 – Shogun AUDIO

  40. Gnarkillz says:

    2 bad mice – gone too soon EP

  41. lou blaq says:

    Hi! Could you post up Samuel Dehey – Drums [CrackHouse Recordings].Please & thanks!

  42. lou blaq says:

    And Tom Sawyer – Aguanile. Thanks for all you do for us!!

  43. Mat says:

    Hey Alex, thanks for all the hard work.

    Any chance to get a re upload on this release ? Links are dead

    Thanks in advance, bigups

  44. hedonios says:

    I’ve purchased 90 days premium.It’s been 2 days and I still don’t have my premium access

  45. hedonios says:

    pease activate my premium. waiting 3 days since I’ve paid.

  46. Dosty says:

    same here paid on 20 february still can’t download! it’s been 5 days now!

    we’will get activated maybe they have some issues with it…

  47. hedonios says:

    I paid the 22. I sent emails and they don’t answer. this is very disappointing. Please activate

  48. hedonios says:

    Thank you for the activation and the extra days

  49. new manmde says:

    VA – Fresh House Friday By Defected psl

  50. moomin says:

    Hi – waiting for activation – been 24hrs. I’m sure is on its way, but just checking!

  51. untitled says:

    in the last week some releases contain very small mp3s (for example 56kb) with no sound.
    one example is:
    the track with the trackname “F5” was incomplete.

  52. incomplete says:

    Theese 2 are Incomplete @ 26.03.2018
    Phobia & Blacksun – Crossfire EP\Blacksun – Sarsera.mp3 (309KB)
    Ström – Labyrinth Of Thoughts EP\Ström – Labyrinth Of Thoughts (Aleja Sanchez Remix).mp3 (144KB)

  53. Ed says:

    Tried to purchase a month sub but my transaction was declined :( Have money in my account so not sure whats wrong..
    Also at what stage do we create an account to login with? After or before purchase of sub?

  54. Daveblue says:

    Can you please upload
    Oliverse old stuff

  55. Deneman says:

    Hi there, i have been waiting for you guys to upload the latest remix of Cafe Del Mar. Any Chance you will be intending to do so?


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