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43 Responses to “TMF User”

  1. timon.hop says:

    i want i need i love progressive

  2. Dejvid says:

    I sent you a mail in which I’m asking about benefits of premium membership but I didn’t receive any response so I’ll ask here again. What exactly can I do with one month VIP membership? Can I download and ask for any possible digital release I want, I mean, will you download it for me within “contract”?

  3. Huemul D Nasillo says:

    Dear TMF

    I want to ask if you have FTP or a faster way to download your content.


  4. mushie55 says:

    hi guys,could you please upload roots manuva – bleeds deluxe edition
    many thanks in advance

  5. Regnix says:

    hi there
    could you put and other link ( Night Talk – Dark Matter ) please / not working. thanks

  6. pinkod says:

    hi, is this the forum where I can write album requests? If yes, could you upload this in 320 kbps mp3 quality? Because unfortunately, it’s on m4a 256 kbps everywhere in the net I can find…

  7. Alex Fireman says:

    will upload today.

  8. Regnix says:

    could you reupload this . Night Talk – Dark Matter

  9. aram says:

    can You create my account ? I Pay You and im waitin 20 hours for pass..

  10. Regnix says:

    could you upload this track {Arjuna Schiks – Mirage [Sonic Future Remix]

  11. Regnix says:

    Hi guys,could you please upload ( Nine Thousand
    BP, Steve Slight )

  12. Bob says:

    Hello Alex,

    can you reupload ‘Hannes Smith – Kraft’


  13. dnasillo says:

    please upload Maceo Plex – Traktion!!!!
    we have to got this tune <3

    thank you!!

  14. SMC709 says:

    GENERAL LUDD-Homesick #5 ?

    PLEASE :)

  15. SMC709 says:

    Thanks Alex
    Tony ALLEN/AFRICA 70-Hustler: Disco Afro Reedit Series Vol 1
    Ewan Jansen-Dispersion EP
    Garth Be-Law of Fives (anything by Garth Be)

    Will the Untitled Gear be available or is permanently exclusive?

  16. idemodelije says:

    can you reupload oliver deutschmann – dazed and confuzed, thanks!

  17. idemodelije says:

    will you get: “GENESA009V from Anthro” the album? would be great!

    • Scylla911 says:

      Thank you soooo much for reup the suara’s ones

      Could you please take the time to reup “SCI+TEC” and “Terminal-m” releases ?

      Thank you !

  18. idemodelije says:

    “Sterac – Klockworks 12” could you please reup? thanks

  19. Flux says:

    Awesome man! Any chance you can upload HZN103 Serum – Black Metal EP? D&b! :)

  20. paul says:

    Hi, thank you so much for sharing, could you please upload this?

    Pellegrino ‎– Periplo

  21. idemodelije says:

    “Green Velvet & Patrick Topping – Voicemail” can you reupload please?

  22. SMC says:

    Hi Alex

    Devin Dare-Wanna Dance EP please?


  23. idemodelije says:

    Thanks for reuploading “Voicemail”! Can you also reupload “Sterac – Klockworks 12” please?

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