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Phon.o – Get Over It EP [FLAC]

Phon.o – Get Over It EP [FLAC]

Label: Ideal

Release date: 17.05.2019

Catalog number: 880918 235431

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Get Over It EP
Get Over It EP

Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Genre: Electronic
Style: Bass, Techno, IDM, Breakbeat

1. We Just Begun (05:02)
2. Back To Black (05:38)
3. Overtake Without Catching Up (06:20)
4. Bright Sun (04:43)

Total length: 21:43

Carsten Aermes has been delivering top notch production via his Phon.o
moniker since the early 00’s. His trademark has evolved, but kept a
consistent kernel formation: futuristic chord developments, bass
epicness and colourful patterns from the city known for its damp, grey
halls of techno.

The four tracks bring you strong, nonconformist rugged
and dancefloor dedicated beats right from the first bar.
On “We Just Begun” he plays with a watery microtonal intro that
would feel at home both in Colundi or in a Bristol club.

On “Back To Black” he lets the percussion take the
lead, kick drums swinging over a thick bassline and triplet rims.

“Overtake Without Catching Up” is the Ep’s more narrative track that brings together driving drums and melancholic synth patterns, keeping it psychedelic with a rolling bassline that stretches across the harmony.

“Bright Sun” opens already nervously and tense, with a pulsating Chicago-style chord opening the way for harder but somehow slick drums. The bass/synth melody work releases the tension and opens up, perfect for those dancers or dj’s listening beyond the beat.

Mixed by Cesar Urbina a.k.a. Cubenx, mastered by Jan Siebert

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