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Hoover1 – Hoover1-2 [FLAC]

Hoover1 – Hoover1-2 [FLAC]

Label: Hoover1

Release date: 17.05.2019

Catalog number: 4044693007355

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2B1 [HOOVER1-2]
2B1 [HOOVER1-2]

Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Genre: Electronic
Style: Jungle, Techno, Dub, Breakbeat

1. Hoover1-2A2 (05:19)
2. Hoover1-2B1 (06:04)
3. Hoover1-2B2 (06:04)

Total length: 17:27


Devilish jungle-dub-techno and 2-step ballistics from René Pawlowitz (Shed, Wax) in Hoover mode. Ordarrrrrrrr!

Following in the slipstream of his wicked outing as The Higher for XL, the Hoover tracks are a more aerodynamically tucked and efficient, synching razor-cut breaks, reverberant dub chords, guttural sub and sparing diva stabs on the A-side, whereas the B-side steps off like a freshly trimmed and faded El-B, Menta or Steve Gurley pushing the tempo to 160bpm, or even Errorsmith and I-Sound’s Disco Consultant alias when the piano chords come clambering in, before delivering a scything roundhouse of mentasms, Photek-style drums and even samples of John bloody Bercow seckling the rabble over more pianos. Who says Germans don’t have a sense of humour?

Unmissable for that one at the least!

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