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Hannes Bieger, Steve Bug,Tim Engelhardt – 20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest – Tephra, Chordwalk Empire, First Contact [FLAC]

Hannes Bieger, Steve Bug,Tim Engelhardt – 20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest – Tephra, Chordwalk Empire, First Contact [FLAC]

Label: Poker Flat

Release date: 08-14-2020

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Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep/Tech House, Techno, Melodic

Hannes Bieger – 20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest – Tephra

Label/Cat#: Poker Flat Recordings – PFRDD42
Year: 2020-08-14
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Tech House

1. Tephra [Luigi Sambuy Remix] (08:07)
2. Tephra [Dario D’Attis Disfigurement] (06:28)
3. Tephra [Tlacuache Remix] (06:19)

Total length: 20:54

Celebrating 20 years of Poker Flat in style, the label chose to share the love with the community and offer a full release for the winners that have been carefully handpicked by the original track’s artists. First up are versions of Hannes Bieger’s seminal Tephra, which first saw the light of day in 2018. Starting proceedings is Luigi Sambuy, who has been making electronic music since he was sixteen and living between Italy, California and Hawaii. His take on Tephra is a powerful, sleek piece of tech house that weaves a hypnotic path through Bieger’s original. Similarly, the Dario D’Attis Disfigurement version showcases another powerhouse remix, from a producer who has already worked with Kings of Tomorrow and the Poker Flat family. His version brings an urgent, edgy rhythm to the fore, sprinkled with Bieger’s signature synth flourishes and tension raising sequences. Finally, the third rework of Tephra comes courtesy of LA’s Armando Ortega with his Tlacuache Remix, describing his sound as a blend of deep-tech, deep-house, and deep-primal. His touches bring out new perspectives on this classic cut.


Tim Engelhardt – 20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest – First Contact

Label/Cat#: Poker Flat Recordings – PFRDD43
Year: 2020-08-14
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

1. First Contact [Okayshades Remix] (07:01)
2. First Contact [Jacme Remix] (07:55)
3. First Contact [Maxie Konig Remix] (08:21)

Total length: 23:17

The second release in Poker Flat’s remix competition, celebrating 20 years of the label. This time, we get three stellar versions of Tim Engelhardt’s First Contact, which has been making waves since it first dropped in March 2020. First up is the Okayshades Remix, brought to you by Robin Brink from Cape Town, South Africa. Brink’s signature sound is a mix of house, techno and downtempo, and here he finds an elegant balance between firing up a dancefloor and making a thoughtful, emotional rework. Next up is the Jacme remix, courtesy of Christophe Robert from Toulouse, France. Jacme started creating his own music in 2001, and has recently been collaborating with the likes of Connaisseur Recordings, AEON, Suah, and Outer Space Oasis. His rework is a classy, synth heavy refix, with a driving, restless vibe. Next up Maxie Konig brings her considerable talents to the table with a sublime remix. Hailing from the Rhine-Neckar region, Maxie got her first residency at the age of 18, and had gone on from strength to strength since then. Her rework is a moody, deep version with elegant touches – sure to do the damage on the floor.


Steve Bug – 20 Years of Poker Flat Remix Contest – Chordwalk Empire

Label/Cat#: Poker Flat Recordings – PFRDD44
Year: 2020-08-14
Genre: Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

1. Chordwalk Empire [Theobald Ringer Remix] (07:00)
2. Chordwalk Empire [Facundo Sosa Remix] (07:36)
3. Chordwalk Empire [Esteban Howell El Bicho Remix] (07:28)

Total length: 22:04

Next up is Steve Bug’s epic Chordwalk Empire, which gets three new treatments as a part of the remix competition to celebrate the label’s 20 years. Like the other two releases carefully handpicked by the artist of the orginal track from hundreds of entries, the standard remains incredibly high and each track is more than worthy of this official release. The first remix comes from Theobald Ringer – a techno producer from Brest in northern France. His deep rework is a heavy hitter – full of energy and drive, yet maintaining a sense of melancholy and emotion that shine through. Facundo Sosa is behind the 2nd remix here. The producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina takes things yet deeper with a classy, slick version that adds a spacy, cosmic layer to the track. Finally, Esteban Howell shares his El Bicho Remix, representing the underground electronic scene of Central America. Howell provides a rework featuring a thick, rolling bassline, and crisp percussion to support the shimmering synths – while also adding a welcome balearic house feel.


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