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Annie Fisher – Cyberwind [FLAC]

Annie Fisher – Cyberwind [FLAC]

Label: Not For Fun – NOTFUN 04

Release date: 29-04-2019

Catalog number: NOTFUN 04

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Anni Fisher

Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Techno, Leftfield

1. Nymphomaniac (05:05)
2. Demons (04:13)
3. Cyberwind (03:36)
4. Demons (SILA SILA SILA remix) (04:07)
5. Nymphomaniac (Something From The Cabin remix) (01:31)


Annie Fisher
Annie Fisher (born December 3, 1867) used to be a cook, caterer and entrepreneur. Annie lived in Columbia, Missouri, and became famous in Missouri for her widely sold beaten biscuits. Through her cooking, Annie amassed a sizable fortune and purchased rental properties, farms and later synthesizers, African and South American tribe percussions, vinyl records and old odd kids toys in and around Boone County. While Annie Fisher’s cake business went on self-run, she totally concentrated on audio-visuals experiments. Annie Fisher cooks her sound with her self-recorded noises library, vinyl samples and different analogue samplers. Annie creates an audio picture of how she feels the modern world now and gives her own prediction about future of humanity, trying to deliver a message than can’t be described with words by sound expression. Annie Fisher aces debut Cyberwind EP out on Not For Fun records on April 29.

Cyberwind EP
syberwind is an allegory of the human civilization’s movetowards technology and the subsequent electronic annihilation of the every life form. Even human itself becomes more and more swallowed by Cyberwind and literally transforms into a lifeless electronic system.
When the Cyberstorm finally arrives, nobody will stay alive.

01 annie fisher – nymphomaniac
At first you feel a pleasant coolness in your body. You have no idea that it is the first wave of the Cyberwind lifeless breeze. Just something mesmerizing and familiar, cyber reality knows us in and out, because we created it by ourselves.

02 annie fisher – demons
You still don’t see a Cyberwind storm, but the the wind becomes stronger with each passing moment. Cold and dry, it fills the body with a fear and coldness.

03 annie fisher – cyberwind
The Cyberwind is here and you witness the destructive power and the beauty of the force, that humanity gave the life to. No more fear, you are the part of Cyberwind now.

04 annie fisher – demons (SILA remix)*
syberwind annihilates all life forms on the Earth. Last pieces of life resistance are smashed by.
The remix is prepared by Not For Fun records label owner SILA.

05 annie fisher – nymphomaniac (something from the cabin remix)
Nothing left. Only the very last piece of your soul is weaving somewhere on the surface of the dead world.
The remix is prepared by Moscow electronic musician – Something from the cabin.

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