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A Lily – Wara Id-Dar [FLAC]

A Lily – Wara Id-Dar [FLAC]

Label: Blank Editions

Release date: 27-09-2019

Catalog number: BETBC012.RMX

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Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Acoustic, Folk, Orchestral, Pop

1.Another Realm 03:56
2.Banana Moth [Eomac remix] 03:57
3.Banana Moth [Dylan Henner remix] 07:43
4.Paint Me With Your Blood Again [Robert Farrugia remix] 05:19
5.Paint Me With Your Blood Again [Steve Molter remix] 05:24

Following the same themes, imagery and narrative, the music here exists in the same world as 2018’s Id-Dar Tal-Missier, but expands upon its palette. Featuring remixes from acclaimed Dublin-based electronic producer Eomac (R&S Records, and a member of Lakker), experimental newcomer Dylan Henner (Phantom Limb), Maltese sound-artist Robert Farrugia and independent US musician Steve Molter, as well as a new track taken from the same recording sessions as the album, Wara Id-Dar gives us a further story yet to the nocturne mythologies told in Id-Dar Tal-Missier.

The record is released by London-based Blank Editions (Thurston Moore, Ben Vince, Vanishing Twin etc.), as a digital-only record.

The EP opens with new track “Another Realm”, an unheard cut, left off the album’s tracklisting. It sees Vella inspired in equal parts by Mount Eerie’s miasmatic croon and the sparse, bewitching guitar arpeggios of Deerhunter’s ballads. The track tells the story of a boxer plunged into deep existential dread in the middle of a fight, spiriting away to a new emotional place. As is his usual process, Vella created the track entirely himself, building layer by layer in his home studio. The track was mixed by Julian Tardo, of 4AD’s Insides.


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