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DJ Seinfeld – DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks)

Label/Cat#: K7 Records – K7370DTM
Source: WEB
Release date: 2018-07-13
Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno/House

DJ Seinfeld – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #01] I See U (Mixed)
Andras – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #02] Poets Day (Mixed)
Fantastic Man – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #03] False Consciousness (Mixed)
Rudolf C – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #04] Deep Sea Survivor (Mixed)
Rimbaudian – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #05] Simple Call (Solace Mix) (Mixed)
Roza Terenzi – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #06] Up in Smoke (Mixed)
Sleep D – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #07] Dawn over Atlas (Mixed)
Hymns – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #08] Walrus (Mixed)
Rudolf C – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #09] Saber (Mixed)
Falty DL – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #10] Freak Acid (Mixed)
Pepe – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #11] Victory Level (Mixed)
Project Pablo – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #12] Who’s it For (Mixed)
DJ Seinfeld – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #13] Typeless (DJ-Kicks) (Mixed)
Mor Elian – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #14] Sci Si (Mixed)
Chela Una – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #15] Take Me (Mixed)
Reptant – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #16] Freq Accident (Mixed)
DJ Seinfeld – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #17] Triangle Echoes (Mixed)
Shedbug – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #18] Ambroxitil (Mixed)
J. Albert – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #19] meXme (Mixed)
S.O.N.S – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #20] Dune (Mixed)
Lou Karsh – [DJ-Kicks (Mixed Tracks) CD1 #21] Seep (Mixed)

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1990s sitcom fan turned lo-fi deep house royalty DJ Seinfeld is the latest selector to contribute to K7’s long-running DJ Kicks series. This digital download edition naturally contains his mix – a hugely entertaining musical voyage rich in dreamy chords, bustling breakbeats, groovy deep house workouts, skewed techno and post-IDM curiosities – as well as all 21 tracks in unmixed, full-length, DJ-friendly form. Highlights are plentiful and include the downtempo bliss of the producer’s own “I See You”, the bass-heavy breakbeat/deep house fusion of Rudolf C’s “Deep C Survivor”, the quirky electronics and low-slung grooves of Falty DL’s “Freak Acid” and the loved-up wonder that is Project Pablo’s “Who’s It For?”

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