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Label/Cat#: FunctionLab – FL 004
Source: WEB
Release date: 6 July, 2018
Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Genre: Electronic
Style: Bass, Garage, Experimental
Total length: 39:44

1. Underwater – Cyber Ninja 03:54
2. Mice – Half 06:26
3. GUAN – Glossary Activities 04:14
4. XHANKONKON – Digital Pigs 05:08
5. YUNG MIN – Brutal Death Bb 03:21
6. Dropdown – Elasticity Gray 03:56
7. Juan Plus One – DoWeLookTheSame 05:35
8. GG Lobster – No One Like Us 03:53
9. Mice & AYRTBH – Half (Ayrtbh remix) 03:17

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FunctionLab released its debut digital compilation “Functory01” in 2017. Now we got this second one Functory02 😉

The concepts of “demolition and racing music” proposed by the first compilation have already been dismantled by ourselves within half a year. We have not demolished any cities nor have we defeated any of the modified cars. It is only ourselves that have been demolished. All attempts and experiences have been dismantled by the Internet.

After this, we began to collect artificial limbs, building materials, failing test papers, and olfactory debris scattered in the dark corners of the city. We are now trying to reconstruct the sewer social network splintered by debris and will deconstruct it again in a appropriate time.

“FUNCTORY 02” consists of ten scavengers who have the same face,representing the present stage recorded before destroyed.

07.07.2018 Bass Music Electronic Experimental , , , , Label FunctionLab

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