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himukalt – Desperate Soil Grows Poor Flowers

Label/Cat#: Sinneslöschen
Source: WEB
Release date: 2017
Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Size: 100 mb
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Experimental
Total length: 37:09

1. Seriously Though Help Me (04:57)
2. Bad Defense Mechanism (04:02)
3. Can’t Not (04:11)
4. Jolie (Version) (05:17)
5. Bad Penny (05:24)
6. Want You To See Me (Voyeur Cassette Recordings #2) (01:38)
7. Marie’s Tape (11:40)

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After a stunning debut with The Helen Scarsdale Agency, and a recent release on ANGST, Ester Kärkkäinen’s Himukalt hits Sinneslöschen with heavy electronics, voice, and psychic blasts. Forceful, violent, at times terrifying, but utterly human, these are the recordings of “a body that wants to connect . a psyche that fucks it all up; a phantasmagorical innerplace; self-inflicted rituals.”

09.01.2017 Album Ambient / Downtempo Electronic Experimental , Label Sinneslöschen

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