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Fhloston Paradigm – After…

Label/Cat#: King Britt Archives – KBA 016
Year: 16 June, 2017
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 131 mb
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Experimental, House, Techno

1. …Life (feat Pia Ercole) (06:12)
2. …The Storm (feat Ryat) (04:36)
3. …Glow (feat Jacqueline Constance) (07:03)
4. …The Fact (feat Tim Motzer) (08:37)
5. …All (feat Moor Mother) (04:37)
6. …All Is Said & Done (feat King Britt) (04:32)
7. …The Heartbreak (feat Kate Faust) (05:29)
8. …Touch (feat Alexa Barchini) (07:46)
9. …Hours (feat Puerto Rican Space Program) (03:38)

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King Britt’s future forward project Fhloston Paradigm has been his focus since 2012. The inaugural full album of this project, The Phoenix, debuted on the dynamic label Hyperdub in 2014.

Organically over the past five years, this project has seen various incarnations in prestigious places including the MoMA PS1 (NYC), MoCAD (Detroit), XOYO (London), and Womb (Japan).

Fhloston Paradigm has also received humbling and beautiful reviews by respected press including The Wire, Pitchfork, and FactTV. King Britt’s new album After… is the continuation of the story… ascension and polyrhythmic primal energy through unexpected process.

After… features guest appearances by Nosaj Thing, Ryat, Jacqueline Constance, Moor Mother, Pia Ercole, Stephanie Yu, Alexa Barchini, Kate Faust, Petra, Puerto Rican Space Program and Tim Motzer. These artists contributed their own unique magic to this sonic journey. Enjoy the future Ride.

18.06.2017 Album Ambient / Downtempo Electronic Experimental House Techno Label King Britt Archives

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