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Mad Mats – Digging Beyond the Crates

Label/Cat#: BBE – BBE417CDG
Source: WEB
Release date: 2017-08-11
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 185 mb
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Downtempo, Disco, Funk
Total length: 01:20:33

1. Johnny Moore – Big Big Boss (02:43)
2. Gappy Ranks – Sherriff [Murlo Remix] (04:18)
3. Ensemble Entendu – Jah I See You (03:22)
4. Cuthead – Badly (02:30)
5. Intimate Disco – Animations (03:41)
6. Psalms – Take A Stand (04:28)
7. Yvonne Gray – Keep The Music Alive (04:04)
8. Bobby Hebb – Evil Woman (02:45)
9. Bill Laurance – The Pines (06:25)
10. U-N-I – Don’t Hold Back The Feeling [Key Trip Dub] (08:25)
11. BSTC – Jazz In Outer Space (06:09)
12. Ezel – Get Down [Ezel Funk Mix] (05:03)
13. Ossie – I Hurt Yoo (07:06)
14. Deft – The Traveller (06:30)
15. Mode-M – Space Based (06:02)
16. Turbojazz, CT-HI Ensemble & Turbojazz & CT-HI Ensemble – Strings Of Life (07:02)

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DJ, record label impresario and former Swedish champion b-boy, Mad Mats knows a thing or two about finding good music. As well as iconic underground imprints Raw Fusion and GAMM, Mad Mats is a partner in the highly regarded Local Talk label, making it highly probable that most of the world’s influential DJs have at least one of his discoveries in their record bags.
For his first compilation on BBE, Mats has put together a diverse selection of cuts; from reggae, hip hop and soul to boogie, electronica and house, reflecting his open-minded approach to DJing. “The compilation is very mixed, just like how I like to DJ…all freestyle. Yes, I play a lot of house clubs nowadays because of Local Talk, but at heart I’ve always been a so called “eclectic” selector. Most of these tracks are tunes I’ve played all over the years, sprinkled with some brand new discoveries.”
Coming from a strictly vinyl background, when Mats embraced Serato around 2005, he carried his crate digger’s mentality with him. Believing firmly that digging should always about the discovery of great music regardless of the format, the concept of ‘Digging Beyond The Crates’ was born. Ranging far and wide in terms of genre and tempo, the album is tied together by one common factor; this is feel-good music made for dancing.
“I’m just as hungry (probably even more so) to find my personal gems as I was back in the day, I just look for them with more variation. This album is dedicated to those select few individuals, just like myself: highly driven music lovers, collectors and DJs that truly are DIGGING BEYOND THE CRATES!”

10.08.2017 Disco House Jazz / Soul , Label BBE

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