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Billy Bogus – VHS Memories (Tagliabue Remixes)

Label/Cat#: Pizzico – PN 049
Year: 4 September, 2019
Genre: Disco, Nu-Disco
Source: WEB
Format: Flac
Quality: lossless

1. The Precinct (Tagliabue remix) (06:16)
2. Libyan Bikers (Tagliabue remix) (07:03)
3. Spiaggia Cannibale (Tagliabue remix) (06:12)

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Pizzico co-founder Billy Bogus (real name Niccolo Bruni) is clearly a fan of Milanese “selector and music producer” Tagliabue, because he’s asked the rising star to remix some tracks from his 2018 album “VHS Memories”. Tagliabue first tackles “The Precinct”, re-imagining it as a throbbing, pulsating voyage into chugging psychedelic disco rich in razor-sharp electronic motifs, druggy arpeggio style bass and mind-altering acid lines. He next turns his attention to “Libyan Bikers”, offering a similarly wonky and brain-melting revision that also boasts a touch more muscular funk, before gobbling handfuls of hallucinogens in order to wrap trippy lead lines and skewed electronic motifs around a curious rhythm track on a fine rework of “Spiaggia Cannibale”.

11.09.2019 Disco , Label Pizzico

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