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MCPN – Sad, Apathetic, & Destructive

Label/Cat#: Sisyphean – 657664 669618
Source: WEB
Release date: 16 May, 2018
Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Genre: Electronic
Style: Balearic/Downtempo

1. Death By A Panic Attack 04:15
2. 12.5 03:30
3. Run Away 05:59
4. Not In Service 04:20
5. Lost On Sorrow 04:53
6. Wake Up, Dear L1za 04:06
7. Happy That Alive 04:05
8. Leichter Atem 04:18

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“Sad, Apathetic, & Destructive is a meditative release. It follows the three structures of human consciousness. The first is Sadness. In the definition of the word, the emotion throws a strong guilt tag on it. The understanding of the feeling is very limited to imagination. Sadness doesn’t have to be consensual but a movement of questions. It leads to an enigma at times, and others can be a foundation of development. In the music sense and bringing it back. The songs can bring a ringing through these mindsets. The sadness of ambient. It in itself can be a territory. The genre speaks for itself, and has been a monumental success to bringing out purity.

The second stage is Apathy. In the broader stance on apathetic feelings, we always leave it to the beholder. It is your problem to sort out. Not wrong or right but abstract morality. The main issue arises when we allow hive minds. We all struggle to distinguished context. If we are to Immediately considering someone who might be apathetic. We think there spineless or meaningless people. However, apathy in itself can be a protective mechanism. It doesn’t necessary mean they stand for nothing. But are apathetic to admitting it. That in itself can be a whole new monster to tackle. Apathy is a painful experience. In the songs it shows. Deep titles. Lost On Sorrow. And Apathetic to change.

Finally, destructive. The more violent ending. The moment everything comes crashing into one. The equilibrium. When you’re shattering the past, and, also, destroying your present. It’s the coming of age. For some it’s violent escapism. For others a scary final outcome of self sabotage. In meanings it will find it’s formals. For now it means the most destructive sense of all. when you try and Run away (Again,but Faster). And the times when your mind is Not in service.
But remember. Regardless what you’re going through . The album has more powerful statements then just negatives. It depends on what you take out of it, so be it. Be happy that you’re alive and wake up.

It’s the MCPN personalized tale.”

16.05.2018 Album Ambient / Downtempo Experimental Lounge / Chillout , Label Sisyphean

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