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Bruno Pronsato – US Drag

Label/Cat#: Foom – FM 012D
Year: 16 June, 2017
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 112 mb
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech house, Minimal
Total length: 49:12

1. These Brides (04:32)
2. Before What Happened, Happened (04:20)
3. She’s Moved (05:58)
4. Bang (07:04)
5. Brighter Than Her Daughter (feat Angus Andrew) (07:01)
6. The Wait (05:19)
7. Hands Reach Up (04:40)
8. Mine’s Nineteen (05:32)
9. Neighbors In The Movies (04:46)

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Bruno Pronsato’s excellence and singularity within the minimal techno reign has undoubtedly help him to carve a particular niche for himself. While he used to be closely associated to the likes of Marc Houle, Gaiser and the resto of the Minus wave, the free-spirited artist has dwelt more on the experimental and freeform shade of electronic music in recent years. This new LP on Foom, a great new indie specializing in all things left of field, is named US Drag for reasons which become more and more apparent as its 9 tunes take shape. Very much danceable and handy for a DJ wanting to break the set up with something a bit special, it is still an album that will have to be enjoyed with an open mind. Like a good glass of wine, its ultra minimalistic waves of glitchy beats and loose bass folds are a delight and bring in a breath fo fresh air. We recommend it fully.

17.06.2017 Album Minimal Tech House Label Foom

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